Macabeo Chardonnay

Macabeo Chardonnay 2013

· Colour: Beautiful pale yet brilliant yellowish colour.
· Aroma: Fruity and soft with predomination of white pulp fruits (apple).
· Mouth: Young with acid notes and fresh character, characteristic of selected early harvests. Tasty and persistant final.


· Varietals: 75% Macabeo and 25% Chardonnay.
· Denomination: Wine from Castellón.
· Planted Area: 5 Ha.
· Age of the vines: 27 years Macabeo and 10 years Chardonnay.


· Crushing and Destemming: Gently, at low speed.
· Pellicular Maceration: In cold during 3-4 hours.
· Must: Obtained by traditional gravity draining, not by pressing.
· Tanks (type): Refrigerated Stainless Steel Tanks.
· Fermentation Process: Controlled Temperature (14 – 16 ºC).
· Malolactic Fermentation: Yes.
· Ageing in Oak Barrels: No.


Alcohol level: 13,5% Vol.